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Puzzles are produced of special cardboards in various formats and various numbers of puzzle pieces. The format and shape of each piece is modified according to customers requests. We also offer a possibility to use our standard tools. Then we are able to achieve short delivery terms and competitive prices.

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Party games

Production of party games has a long-lasting tradition in our company. With quality of elaboration O.K. Oriens Karton belongs to the current world top manufacturers. Our games are mostly made from cardboard with wooden or plastic components.

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Memo game

Classic game for all the age groups. Pairs of cards are produced from quality cardboard and sustain undamaged for many game turns. We produce memo games with different numbers and sizes of cards according to customers wishes.

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Playing cards

Playing cards are delivered as an individual card game or as a component of game´s equipment.

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Promotional cardboard products

Our products are suitable for advertising purposes. You could use them as a gift for your business partners, customers or employees.

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